Dumbing Of Society

Review of “Manifesto of the Communist Party (Bourgeois and Proletarians) by Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels

Of course we all know the coined term, “Learn from the past or it’s doomed to repeat itself” and this quote proves to be quite true. In the case of Marx and Engels they both want to convey the notion that if we do not learn from past societies, we are doomed to make the same mistakes.

Throughout the whole article they talk vastly about how the bourgeoisie, or what we would know them as modern-day capitalists, are in control of everything. They put much emphasis on the fact that these very few top dogs control the whole of society. They contain so much power that the proletarians, or modern-day middle class America, have little to no say in anything.

I can honestly say that this article, though issued in 1848 has such astounding truth in today’s society. The second to last paragraph about how the bourgeoisie will begin to have to feed their proletarian counterparts due to the fact that they are getting so large seems eerily similar to what is going on in today’s society. We, the proletarians, are beginning to sink into a crumbling economy in which many need to be provided welfare, many are poor, many are losing jobs and many are going on unemployment. To me, this seems to be how Marx and Engels describe the downfall of the bourgeoisie.

The bourgeoisie are constantly exploiting the proletarians for their work which in turn will create angst among the proletarian community. In the past, class struggle has been the way that classes change and re-gain power or even lose power. The fact that the proletarians will increase in number much more rapidly than the bourgeoisie will be a key factor in the overthrowing of their oppressive ways. Many unions will be formed and as the community of the proletariat increases so will the anger and oppression will be felt by more people than there are oppressors.

The past has, up until now, always had an oppressed class and an oppressor and each time the oppressed managed to work their way up to overthrow their oppressors. This has happened over and over again and through the careful studying of society, we can see why Marx and Engels would describe such a change happening again.

This article confused me a little bit and I can’t seem to grasp the full meaning of it. To an extent, I believe that today’s society is much like the one described in the article. I think that there is a very big possibility that there could be an overthrowing of large companies but the reason that I wouldn’t believe this is because the American society is too lazy or too into themselves. We all care about these things and we all wish for change but we still sit back and give into their demands. Maybe the bourgeoisie of our time have gotten smarter and evolved in such a way that they know how to use psychological means to capture their proletarians (such as television, video games and the like) Could the dumbing down of society be what is causing them to gain such power?

I hope though, that since the economy is getting worse and the job market is still at a standstill that people will be able to wake up from this stupor and begin to revolt. As Marx even explained with his societies, we greatly outnumber those above us and we are getting closer and closer to the possibility of being fed-up.

Thoughts © Maria Campagna

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  1. I just mentioned that just a few days in the past!!!

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