Prostitution? It’s MY Choice!

(There was no reference article that I had written down. Please comment if this sounds like a review of an article you happened to come across)

This article was of course a very feminist view towards prostitution. I do agree with most of the things she is saying as the fact that prostitution is not a free choice and women are essentially brainwashed or pulled into it due to lack of self-esteem, funds or other social issues. Most feminists will take this extreme view of hatred towards this topic. Prostitution, sexual exploitation and sexuality in general is probably one of the most talked about situations a feminist will encounter.

I do believe in both sides of the coin. I believe that prostitution is in fact a free choice of the woman due to the fact that she is doing it. The other side is the fact that they do it because of pressures of society or for fear of being hurt. I like to take a more broad look at things and take in both sides so I don’t necessarily agree with one side or the other.

The argument I will provide is this, prostitution is seen as an overall dangerous job right? It’s dangerous to the woman’s health, well-being, self-esteem among other things. The thing that most forget to think about is that there are tons and tons of jobs that will ruin a persons self-esteem, endanger them in some way yet they still do it.

Jobs such as construction, timber cutting and firefighting are detrimental to the persons overall health. One can get caught in a fire for too long and die, get hit with a falling tree branch or fall from a 5 story building they are renovating. Overall, there are plenty of dangerous jobs.

On the other side, some retail jobs actually will seriously hurt the employee emotionally due to an overly demanding boss, horrible coworkers and the like. A person can come out of a job with significantly lowered self-esteem due to the fact that even if the are working their hardest, it’s still not enough for the boss.

There is no way that I am saying that prostitution is one hundred percent like any of these jobs. It is a highly dangerous job with consequences beyond belief. Due to the fact that a woman can be brainwashed into thinking that if she is a prostitute she is beautiful is beyond her mind yet it is programmed into her subconscious which is where the damage will set in.

Consciously, she knows that what she is doing can be damaging to her health but by believing the thoughts of others or being severely driven by the need so survive her subconscious mind will kick in. She has children to feed, rent to pay, herself to feed and a society to survive in. The subconscious will take over the conscious and slowly begin re-wiring her brain. The thoughts of danger will be nothing new to her just as brushing our teeth is to us, it’s just there.

Drugs will also play a factor in the brainwashing due to the fact that they chemically re-wire your brain. I have seen people become other people when doing drugs. They don’t realize the fact that the more you do it, the more you become someone else whether they’d like to see it or not. Addiction will most likely set in and they will in turn need even more money or give out more of their body just to get drugs. It’s a vicious cycle.

Low self-esteem is probably a very huge factor as to why these women will get involved in such a career choice. If someone were to come up to an emotionally damaged person and call them beautiful , they are hooked. The need for approval is like a drug to certain people. They will fiend for the way that someone actually likes what they look like or act like and keep finding more. Doesn’t matter whether or not the other person is safe, it’s just the feeling that matters.

It is up to strong women to fight these social conditions and try their hardest not to fall into the path of a prostitute. It will most likely endanger their children, ruin their lives and put them as a human in great physical and emotional danger. They do not have to choose this life for themselves yet what most fail to realize is that they have such low thoughts about themselves that they just don’t care anymore. These women become numb to society and just see the money and the way that these men make them “feel beautiful”

Thoughts © Maria Campagna

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