To Be A Sociologist

Article Review Of “Invitation To Sociology” By Peter L. Berger

Sociological “de-bunking” requires a person (the sociologist themselves) to actually want to question society. They want to be able to uncover something that simply may seem “Too good to be true” It’s the ability to question that allows us to uncover much more than we think. By being able to think deeper into something we toss aside any naivete thoughts of “This is just the way it is”

By being much more in-tune with things and to be able to say to oneself that something just isn’t right here, is a way to delve deeper. We must be able to uncover information that could be guarded by higher positions in society. Why would they want to cover it up? To keep those who are naïve, to stay naïve.

Most people would respond to sociological insights as untrue and if your talking to someone who holds a high position in society this can and will most likely be the case. The upperclassmen, including big businesses and the like would respond to it as “No, everything is fine! Everything is going so well” Obviously to protect themselves.

I had just recently watched a show where an ex-NFL player was delving deeper into the relations between concussions in NFL (And other contact sports) and how they effected them long term. He gathered together the brains of deceased players and decided to have them studied in a lab. 8 out of 8 brains showed long term damage. Many of the symptoms that corresponded with players and concussions were manic depression, early onset of Alzheimers and short-term memory loss to name a few. While all of the scientific data was there and all of the evidence was there the NFL’s head medical examiner sat there and stated “No, there is no long-term effect of concussions and NFL players and it’s fine to send them right back on the field after a concussion”

This validly proves the point that once faced with sociological insight of why things were happening that a big organization will hide and deny the fact. However, since the ex-player had actually done something about it and brought it to court they had gotten the head doctor set up for resignation and a new set of rules are now in play.

In the lower rungs of society, if faced with sociological insight, you will most likely get the same reaction as “No, that can’t be true” If there is no solid evidence there to support it, then it cannot be true at all. Many are afraid to go against those who are larger than them, which is understandable, but it can be the only way to ever get anything done. Even those who are faced with evidence still will show signs of disbelief. This is due to pride and not wanting to be wrong.

Are we just set in our ways due to the fact that we are afraid of being wrong or torn down by a higher person? It is a scary thing to think that we can in fact be wrong or we can in fact get thrown down by someone higher than us. This is part of the way to get more information, to delve deeper into a topic and to “de-bunk” our theories.

Thoughts © Maria Campagna 2011

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  1. Thank you for a great post.

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