Negativity Toward Occupiers Around The Globe

The intense negativity that I see toward Occupy Wall Street gets me frustrated, upset and downright depressed. Through this negativity, however, I have become even more enlightened and even more positively charged toward this movement. Through all of the shame the media tries to put on this movement to the disgusting police brutality against innocent protesters, I have seen hope.

Many ask the golden question of “Well what is Occupy Wall Street about?” and “What is the movement going to DO?” While these are all relevant and important questions I ask you to take a look deeper. To really step back and look at this movement from a whole perspective. What is it that YOU are expecting Occupy Wall Street to do? Is it political? Is it to see an economic change RIGHT NOW?

Whatever the expectation is, drop it. Occupy Wall Street is not about having expectations for anything. It is not about trying to gain political prowess with the rest of the world. It’s not about having immediate results. It’s not about trying to climb high in the ranks of political debates. It’s not about having a leader. It is about having human interactions with one another peacefully and to show the world that love is among us.

It is to have people understand that our government has been lying to us about things in the media, things on the internet, how our wars are conducted, how our money is spent. Through all this though, there are people who are awake to this. It is this awakening that is what the Occupy movement is about. It’s about opening your eyes to the world around you. Seeing people for what they are, people. Your neighbor is like you and me. The strangers walking down the street are the same as you and me. We are all alike in this and we all should show respect for humanity.

What I see whenever I go down to Occupy Wall Street is a loving community there to care for one another. There to shed light on issues that may not have light shed due to the fact that the media tries to block it. To help form humanity in a new and daring way. To have you look at the person next to you and smile. To love one another like we are meant to love one another even in these times of hardship. To show that he human race is not all that bad and that we are not all that jaded.

Love. This is what Occupy Wall Street is about. This is the message that they are trying to spread. You cannot have any better of a definition than that. You cannot express love in politics or economics because it is not something that you can say. You can only feel. You can only look at one another with respect. This will get rid of the greed the wars the hate and the rest of the issues that are among us today.

Love, my friends, love.

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3 thoughts on “Negativity Toward Occupiers Around The Globe

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  2. Ryan Kantor says:

    If you’re mad at the government, then you’re right with the tea party. I don’t think the class warfare is acceptable though. What’s wrong with people who make over $368,000 a year? Are they bad people? I plan on becoming one. I know quite a few and am big fans. The concept of the movement MAY be based on class warfare that spawned from Obama’s rhetoric. Do you agree?

    • riaroseknows says:

      Personally, it’s not about how much money they make. We aren’t talking about people that are making that much per year, we’re talking about millionaires and billionaires.
      Aside from the politics, and the most important part is this…

      What I see down at OWS is a community getting together to treat one another with respect. To help their neighbors out. To smile at one another and to show love to one another. Believe it or not OWS is creating it’s own community from nothing and I think that is a beautiful thing. It’s not just about the politics.
      You surely can’t agree that the government (Or whoever is “at the top”) has been truthful to us all of these years. We see it unfold in history and it has happened before in ancient cultures. And if you do then that’s your own opinion and we will never really know who is “right” or “wrong” they are just ideas. The core of the movement is human compassion for one another and to me, being an idealist, it’s so wonderful to be a part of.

      I hate no one. I’m not mad at anyone. I just think that there should be a little bit more of humanity in humanity.
      It’s possible that it spawned from it but whatever it is, it spawned somewhere. All that matters right now is that it’s happening.

      Thank you for your reply 🙂

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