Exercise 2 : Learn To Love YOU!

So I notice that when people first start talking to me they come off as being content with their lives only for them to open up five minutes later about how they hate x, y and z. When I first meet someone, whether it be online or off, I generally can get a good feel for who they are the minute I start speaking with them. I don’t like to sound cocky but I can see through people pretty well. Often times, I won’t point out these little things because, to me, that doesn’t matter. But, for the most part, people can generally go on and on about things they don’t like about themselves.

Think about it, while you may be shaking your head and saying “No, no I’m really happy” (Which, I think that there really are people who are happy with themselves out there) You can probably go on and on about this one thing that you really dislike about yourself. This can be some bad habit, your appearance, something you did years ago that still haunts you or a myriad of other issues. While we can all go on rambling about things we dislike, do we take the time to ramble about things we like?

I don’t mean that you should go running around proclaiming you are god’s gift to mankind but, be a little nicer on yourself! This exercise is designed to help YOU bring out those positive qualities and start highlighting those rather than always rambling about the negative.

1. Take out a piece of paper and fold it in half vertically. You should have a left and a right column.

2. Label one column “Things I love about my appearance” and “Things I love about my personality” Notice how we are not writing a “Pro’s” and “Con’s” list.

3. Begin with your appearance. I guarantee you can list at LEAST 5 things you love about your appearance. Is it how your hair shines in a certain light? Is it about how your eyes get to be a beautiful color when you wear a certain outfit? Or about how people are commenting on your beautiful figure? Whatever you can think of, write it down.

4. Next go to your personality. Do you love how you always can help out a friend in need? Do you volunteer at a local shelter or soup kitchen? Can you make others laugh? You can probably name a ton of things about your personality. Write ’em all!

5. When you’re all done, go over each list. Notice all of the wonderful things you have just said about yourself. Keep this list in a place where you can see it and the next time you’re thinking about rambling on about all the bad things, take a look at this list.

No matter what, you are beautiful and wonderful. There are so many diverse and great things about being you that only you can possess. Don’t worry that you don’t have what the person next to you has, be happy with what you have. More often than not, the person next to you is wanting something you have.

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3 thoughts on “Exercise 2 : Learn To Love YOU!

  1. Samantha says:

    Excellent article! I quite agree that we all probably have things we don’t like about ourselves, but focus should be on the “good” stuff! I really try to consciously practice this all the time and am very glad to see it in print. Thank you!

    • riaroseknows says:

      It’s so hard to do this all of the time without actually seeing it right in front of you. That’s why I always suggest to people that they need to write it down and put it somewhere they can see it every day. Thank you so much for reading 🙂 I’m glad that it struck a cord with you!!

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