Year and a Day! Day 1

So I decided to take the Year and a Day program, typically used in spiritual practice such as Wiccan and Pagan, and put my own twist to it. You can do this too if there is something you want to learn more about or perhaps start a new career. Give yourself 366 days to learn the material inside out, picking something new to learn each day.

Maybe you’re wondering what my Year and a Day is going to be about? Herbalism. Yes I have long been interested in the beauty, potency and wonder of medicinal plants. Not only will this incorporate plants, however, it will also incorporate meditation. My study will be, more broadly, integrative medicine.

Integrative medicine has been around for centuries and over in Europe, Asia and other parts of the globe, they see it as a serious practice. It encompasses treatment (and prevention) of disease from a wholeistic perspective. It sees that the entire body should be treated and stress should be regulated as well as diet and exercise in order to treat disease.

There are tons of accredited colleges offering study of holistic medicine, Chinese herbalism, Ayurveda and more. Here in the U.S.? No. We don’t see it as important. I could go on a long rant about how I feel we pump our bodies with chemicals and whatnot but that will be a different post.

So, join me on my journey of 366 days of learning and see where it ends up! Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired and learn a thing or two as well.

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3 thoughts on “Year and a Day! Day 1

  1. Cin says:

    Good luck. I hope you find it a year full of learning.

  2. cinnageek says:

    πŸ™‚ HeyI nominated you for the versatile blogger award.

    I actually follow you on my photo blog 365 Sparkles ~points up~ so you can link to that acct if you prefer. πŸ™‚

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