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Black Is The Night

That empty, listless feeling you get when you start to veer off of your own path is unsettling to say the least. You’ve tried and tried to reach this goal, this point, this place in time yet it still seems so far away. You reach your hand out to touch it and it’s almost like an optical illusion. Like someone is playing tricks on you. What do you do? Well that depends on you.

Do you wallow in the darkness and let it consume you? Thinking that everything that has gone wrong will go wrong and will continue to be this way?

Or, do you brush it off and ignore it? Completely missing the point and the lesson that this mistake may have intended to teach you?

Perhaps you find yourself in a comfortable medium. A medium where you will both appreciate the sorrow of the mistake and mishap yet rise up from the darkness and use the lessons learned.

How do we do this? How do we train ourselves to be balanced? Sometimes it is easier said than done and, believe it or not, vice-virsa.

Why is it that I blog for months and then seem to disappear into the unknown?

Is there really a reason?

Does there have to be a reason?

Know in my absence, however, that whoever may read this and discover it, I am thinking of you.

Thank you for being you. Thank you for existing. Thank you for taking the time out to view my blog.


What Is Occupy Wall Street About?

So many of you are probably among the masses that ask the question “Well, what IS Occupy Wall Street about” To be honest, even I can’t answer that question quite simply. This movement has some excellent ideas and I saw some of the most innovative thinking I’ve seen in a long time. They managed to created a community equipped with a medical tent, public services, clothing share, recycling and people that were willing to sweep up around the area to keep it clean. To me, this is a fantastic example of what happens when we see humanity really floundering. We all come together because we all want to prove a certain point. In the case of OWS it’s the 1%, or the war, or the politicians or…Well you get the point.

Now, I am NOT in any way saying that OWS is bad or that it is a waste of time. In fact, I say the complete opposite. This really shows us how important it is for us to get together and to create a movement to start change. The energy I felt by going down there was absolutely incredible. People helping people, people looking after one another and just an overall feeling of love. This is what it means to be human and these are the times that it gives me hope that humanity will go forth and live more harmoniously with one another.

There’s just one problem…We need to solidify our goals. Right now, we are being looked at like a bunch of monkeys without our heads screwed on right. We’ve been referred to by countless media programs and politicians as “Dirty hippies” and that we “Don’t know what the hell we’re protesting for” They do a pretty good job at picking out the people who really don’t know what’s going on (Of course, it’s the media’s job to make the movement look bad)

So what am I proposing?
1. We solidify our goals
2. We start a movement from these solidified goals
3. We educate people on WHAT Occupy Wall Street is for and really show people that we DO know what we’re talking about
4. Really get together with the other OWS protestors from other states and countries to really sit down and figure all of this out. There really IS power in numbers.

There are people who are doing this and we do have a connection between our tribes. What we really need? A leader to stand up and speak for the MASSES. A politician of sorts to help voice the whole OWS movement and educate the people. Any thoughts? Please feel free to let me know what you think of the movement. Do YOU have any ideas that are more concrete that should be mentioned as part of the OWS movement? Can we incorporate EVERYTHING they are talking about into one solid goal?

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Who Is Riaroseknows?

I know many of you out there may be a little foggy as to who I am and what I am here to do. I am here to help shape humanity to form a more positive future for generations to come. By helping others form a more sound mind and body we are helping to accelerate human evolution and keep the world out of chaos. The solution to world problems begins at an individual level and my job is to show you how.

Please visit Riaroseknows’ YouTube to find out more


Blog #2: Getting Back On Track!

So lately I’ve been a bit frazzled and out of place by not having such a clear mind.  I have lost touch with myself and I think it’s about time that I finally reconnect. Have you ever had a period of time where your mind just doesn’t seem to be working? It’s as if a haze seeps into your head and you really just can’t find your way. Yeah, this is pretty much how I’m feeling.

I go through life in such a fast-paced way that I just barely notice anything. My mind races with thoughts and I can’t seem to slow them down. When I was meditating daily I noticed a significant change in this. I was thinking more clearly and I was able to pay attention to more things in life. I feel that I had gotten thrown off the meditation wagon for a while to help me realize it’s benefits. It really does help with coordination and being able to be more in the moment. Buddha really had something going on there.

It’s fantastic to see how much meditation really does help the brain. I had done a study about meditation and the human brain and the findings were simply fantastic. It has the ability to repair neural pathways, cure things like ADD, depression, anxiety and the like. It also has the ability to make the synchronization between both hemispheres much more equal and it allows for the whole brain to be used during day to day activities, not just spots. This will allow for a more even distribution of thoughts when trying to figure out a problem. Instead of looking at the problem from just a few points you will be able to see it from many more points.

It’s important to note that this really has helped cure even the most horrid of problems, cancer. There has been extensive research that meditation can cure cancer. By changing the way the brain thinks, it can change the way the cell thinks. What a fantastic thing! Our cells respond to everything we do. Every positive or negative thought, every positive or negative person in our life, every healthy or unhealthy thing we do (Whether it’s eating or working-out;Or the lack of the two)

So people, we must listen to our bodies! We are made up of so many complex structures and so many things that we just won’t understand. The most important thing that we can do is to treat our bodies in the best way possible.

Healing comes from within!

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Blog #1

Here’s my first official blog post here on WordPress. Coming from Blogger is a HUGE change and a welcome one at that. I must say I honestly enjoy every aspect of this website so far and really feel it’s a great asset for those of you out there who are looking for a dynamic blogging website, WordPress is for you.

Anyhow, the daily goings on really weren’t too exciting. There was waking up, taking a shower, eating…you know, the basics. I’ve been contemplating placing all of my writing from school somewhere so I finally got the motivation to do it. Thanks to my lovely boyfriend, he’s inspired much creativity in me the past month.

Not to get all mushy with you guys but I must be honest, I really have found someone I mesh with so well. We balance out each other and we are both creative in our own ways. It’s so refreshing to be with someone who has a creative mind. Ladies (Well, and gentlemen too) If you’re currently unhappy in your current relationship let me advise you to GET OUT! I know that this is hard as I was stuck in an endless cycle of bad relationships (One lasting 5 years) It’s not worth it to sacrifice yourself or not feel yourself around your significant others. Get out there, make a change, see the world. I guarantee that you will thank me down the road! (Now if only my  21, almost 22, year old self could go back in time and kick the crap out of my 17 year old self…Well, then I may have never met my guy now)

It’s difficult for me to stop worrying and being anxious about the future. It seems like everything I do has to have a “What if” or a “Why” or “What’s going to happen?” attached to it. I tell people all of the time to be in the moment and to not worry but to be honest with you it’s easier said than done for me. I seem to be in an endless cycle of worry. I try to embrace the moment but at times, I slip off and get too lost in the darkness of anxiety. I guess my main goal in helping people is to NOT feel the way that I do because I know that it sucks! It’s not meant to be a hypocritical thing but I really just want people to be happy. I’ve felt the pain, worry, hurt, anxiety, fear and all those negative feelings and would never want to wish them upon anyone else. I guess it’s due time to stop talking and start listening to myself.

I love the Buddhist way of thinking and agree wholeheartedly with the teachings. It’s time to practice. I’ve got the necessary tools. I’ve gained the knowledge and now it’s time to put them into play.

Love yourself, do what you set out to do and never give up on anything.

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