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Become A Tree

Tree’s must hear the most horrid of stories…Have seen the most wretched of humankind…Have felt the fear that humans have instilled upon each other.

 Yet these trees are still standing…They are still fighting…They are still breathing.

 How is it that tree’s have stood so long, have gone through the most and have heard the worst about this world and they are still standing

This talk about destruction, end of days, conspiracies, beings beyond our measure and the very Governments we live under that seems to shake some of us to the core. These have been going on for ages. They will continue to go on for ages.

What I urge, is that you become a tree…Experience these things through the “eyes” of a mighty tree standing tall after hundreds to thousands of years…

How would you feel then? What would you see then?

Please never be afraid.

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My breath became cooler and my mind became silent. I had just witnessed an untimely death. My pulse slowed down to reach a state of safety to protect myself from the horrid scene that had been played in front of me. My eyes became welled up with tears that flowed down my face, gently rolling past my cheekbones and ending up on the corners of my lips. I could taste the salt-water that was gathering aside my shocked expression. All at once, I was transported to another place. It seemed selfish of me to be able to envision this place for myself while the devastation of a fresly passed soul was before me. The saltwater reminded me of a far away beach with pristine sand, hot sun and beautiful sky. The sand crinkled and crushed beneath my feet as I approached the rolling waves. The green-blue water crashed at my toes and washed away the sand I had tracked to the shore. The seagulls were flitting in and out of the water, diving for dinner. They snatched up some fresh fish and flew to the shore to eat in peace. All at once, I was reminded that death will happen for a reason. No one can prevent this from happening. It was a part of life, and thus it shall go on.

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Before there was anything…Before you could even see…Before you could even feel…there was nothing. Not the kind of nothing that puts fear into the very souls that walk among the earth but there was beautiful and peaceful nothingness. This nothingness began to love itself so much that it started to create something. This something would string on and on and on to become the most beautiful things that we see today. We don’t realize how important this nothing is. We must embrace it and we must feel it in it’s entirety. For if we do not realize this nothing then we will be only susceptible to experience the something and this is only one side of the coin. To be able to really experience and really feel we must see everything from all angels and all possibilities. Animals have the power to realize that they are part of a slew of infinite possibilities. It is the mind that has been created to see separation. Other animals have the issues of predation or certain types of climate issues…We have the issue of the mind. We cannot separate from it. We become so engulfed in the mind that we no longer are able to really see. We need to break free from this way and start to feel in our hearts and accept the things around us. Whatever situation we find ourselves in we become part of that situation but it is important to be able to flow freely from being a part of the situation and become separate from it. We must see both sides. We must feel all angles to truly understand. And the most important part is to not judge anything that we see because then we are using the mind.

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