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Become A Tree

Tree’s must hear the most horrid of stories…Have seen the most wretched of humankind…Have felt the fear that humans have instilled upon each other.

 Yet these trees are still standing…They are still fighting…They are still breathing.

 How is it that tree’s have stood so long, have gone through the most and have heard the worst about this world and they are still standing

This talk about destruction, end of days, conspiracies, beings beyond our measure and the very Governments we live under that seems to shake some of us to the core. These have been going on for ages. They will continue to go on for ages.

What I urge, is that you become a tree…Experience these things through the “eyes” of a mighty tree standing tall after hundreds to thousands of years…

How would you feel then? What would you see then?

Please never be afraid.

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