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The Interlocking Triangle Club

The institutions that form the interlocking triangle are the economic, military and political organizations of America.

The economic institution will consist of mostly major corporation owners. Military will be any high-ranking officers. Political is the president and the members of his cabinet. The thing that these three institutions will all have in common is power and wealth. They are the two key components to being a part of the “Interlocking Triangle Club”

As national events need to be decided, these institutions have the most power and say. Obviously the way to power and say is nine times out of ten, wealth. The members of this triangle will probably all agree on the fact that they deserve to have all of this power due to their status in society and the money in their pockets.

Their money is how they achieved power and their power is how they control society. They are pretty much a group with lots of money that share the same powers and basic beliefs. I would personally consider them an overly powerful subculture.

It’s a little difficult for me to be able to explain why they would be considered a subculture since the power allows them to pretty much be the culture as a whole. What I mean by this is the fact that since they control the laws, decisions and other goings on of society that aren’t they technically our culture? If our culture is defined as beliefs, values and norms and they are controlling most of it then it’s a pretty fine line between the two. Since our culture is pretty much defined by the media and the media is owned by big corporations who are regulated in turn by the government then it would be safe to say they are growing to be our actual culture.

The main component to this triangle however is the fact that they all agree on the most basic outlines of things. For instance, most will agree on private property issues and distribution of wealth to name two. It’s the shared beliefs that hold this triangle together like glue. Of course there might be little quarrels amongst them that they do not agree on but when it comes to things that have to do with money, they will all agree so it binds them together. It’s like the superglue of their group.

They are strong, they are wealthy and they are interested in only themselves. Its difficult to be a society ruled by 1 percent of the population. It really makes you wonder why money is valued so highly. What brought about this intense need for control and money? Personally, I wish I were living quietly by myself in a little village in Japan practicing peace, healthiness, mindfulness and knowledge of the wise.

Thoughts © Maria Campagna

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