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Well we’re all anticipating the arrival of the year 2012 and what it may bring for humanity. Many of us have our own predictions such as disasters, social change or some other phenomena. Some believe that nothing will happen at all and that the world will just continue to experience what it has been experiencing for years. The truth in the matter lies within the fact that whatever we see as reality will be reality. Therefore, a horrible hurricane to those who predict 2012 will be that of a horrible nature-made disaster will begin to label that hurricane as the prophecy of 2012. Those that follow the stock market and see a crash (or rise) in it and think that a huge economic system flux will be what happens in 2012, will see it as such. There is the huge possibility that those that have these elaborate beliefs about what happens in 2012 WILL actually happen in 2012, to them. If you follow what I’m saying then that’s great, and I don’t mean to be rude or put skepticism into anything. In fact, anything is possible. There are a million different things to happen in 2012.

My personal thoughts will lie within those who believe that 2012 will be a time of great spiritual and loving growth. Now some may think that sounds insane and to some these people who are channeling other beings, practicing these forms of astral projection and such are crazy. They on the other hand might think others are crazy for preparing for the absolute apocalypse. The truth is, everyone is crazy. Everyone has their own beliefs and to others they may seem crazy. I personally am beginning to meditate and such and beginning to learn how to relax and connect with myself. What people might not understand is that they do NOT have to sit there like traditional monks or try to astrally project if they do not feel that they should. Do whatever it is that makes you feel connected, that awakens your OWN spirit. Exercise, draw, get out in nature, hang out with your pets, hang out with your loved ones and just be. Don’t worry so much about what happens tomorrow because as humans, we are tough and ready for anything. Know that you are not alone in anything and that there is at LEAST one person feeling the same feelings you are and going through the same things as you (The internet shows us this) We are all together in this. Whatever happens to humanity happens to all of us.

What I enjoy most about the spiritual turnaround that’s predicted in 2012 by these Lightworkers is the fact that they all predict love and growth. Overall, whatever happens, I would like to stick by the belief that the world will change for the better and therefore I will see it as better. Every day that I begin my journey into such thoughts the world gets happier and brighter no matter how dim the situation. No matter how many obstacles I may face throughout the days and weeks to come I will always come back to the one thought that we all are one. That we are part of something much larger than ourselves and that’s such a beautiful thing. Having this love and light to believe in is just a great way to help prepare ourselves mentally for ANY obstacle that comes into play…Whether it be stock market crashes, natural disasters or huge social change. The fact of the matter is, the more grounded we are, the more we understand our unity in all of this, the more we get the fact that things happen we can stay happy through any obstacle.

The most important work we must focus on as a human race is developing our sense of self and the fact that we are all connected to each other. It’s funny because I saw a video on Youtube connecting George Bush with people like Madonna, Vlad the Impaler, Barak Obama etc…(It was a video about the Illuminati) The ONLY thing that I got out of that video was the PROOF that we are all one. If they in fact did all of this DNA testing and tracing back all those years, we should understand that we are ONE. For some, that provokes fear and intimidation and starts making us analyze things (Which, I have begun to learn to overcome over the past few years) We know where we came from, just know that.

Things just are. That is it. There’s no need to look too deep because the deeper we look, the further we get from the surface and the real knowledge of what’s going on. So, what do I suggest for those of you who are still trying to predict what happens or are still afraid of the future of this planet? The only thing I must say is live in the NOW, for that is all we have. And that is the truth.

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