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Vegetarianism Is For Meat Eaters Too!

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So, the title of this post may be somewhat…contradictory. Well yes technically vegetarianism is the stric

t diet of vegetables and meat is just not a part of that definition. Although “Omnivorous Eating” may be the appropriate title for this, just stick with me.

For the majority of my life I’ve eaten meat, veggies, fruit and pretty much every other food group. I never slowed down to take a look at how much or how little I was eating of each of them. Until one day I found myself pondering if I really was eating a balanced diet. This is when I turned my research and many nights on Google searching for the perfect vegetarian meal plan.

But why vegetarian?

The answer is actually quite simple. I get much more vegetables and fruit in my diet than I ever have in my life. I will add some meat to certain dishes to round it all out but I’m noticing that my diet has been getting much more green and leafy. I do believe it would be a benefit for people to take a look at what’s on their plate. Maybe some of you already do and kudos! But for those of you who seem to notice that McDonalds seems to be on the menu (or another fast food joint) most of your nights, read on my friends…read on.

By encompassing your focus on a vegetarian menu you’re already setting yourself up for, of course, more veggies. This will not only give you needed boosts of energy but can also lead to a much healthier lifestyle and less clogged arteries. Your body is your own. Take care of it and feed it well. The majority of tasks that our body carries out from day to day require nutrients and there is an abundance of them in a vegetarian diet. By adding in smaller portions of meat you are setting yourself up for an amazingly balanced diet. You will get your protein in and the vegetables.

Now, if you are a vegetarian for the animal rights end of it then you will obviously be sticking to a much stricter diet which will need to be supplemented with other sources of protein like beans, nuts and soy products. If you are new to vegetarianism then the following website will be an excellent place for you to start.

I stumbled upon this blog via Google and this woman has really made my life simple. She has two months worth of vegetarian dishes (Complete with weekly shopping lists) and she even has one omnivorous month of eating. This is such a life-saver when it comes to busy living because the list is already made!

So if you’d like to take a look and get some more veggies in your diet then this website is worth a look. She also has many posts about greener living too which are great to take a look at if you’re trying to become more environmentally friendly.

Eat Close To Home

Happy eating πŸ™‚

Note: All of the recipes can be made with or without meat so feel free to experiment!

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Ronald McDonald Is Taking Over The World

Review of “McJobs: McDonaldization and the Workplace” by George Ritzer (Link not available)

After reading this article, I now know what to call certain things that I have noticed in my daily life. The fact that the company clearly wants to figure out ways to enable them to gain more money without spending more money is just a given statement. I guess that is us, as the consumer, who are truly the fools in this situation and the employees are just expendable.

I’m sure you have noticed this, in Stop and Shop they now have cash registers that the customer scans and pays for the items themselves. This is a clear example of McDonaldization in the fact that the employee is being replaced with a machine and now the store only requires one employee to watch after 4 machines as opposed to 4 employees per register. This also provides the company with much less room to mess up cash transactions as the machine takes money and calculates change. The only thing that I have seen wrong with it, and this is because I have done it, is the produce buttons. If I’m buying expensive produce such as an eggplant (Because it’s not eggplant season yet) I’ll click on a different and cheaper produce and just weigh the eggplant as such. Not only do they have electronic cash registers, but now they have scanners that the customer scans each item as they put it into their cart and just scans the scanner at the end (or something along those lines) and quick pays for it. This will reduce lines and waiting times and of course those two things are very appealing to Mom’s who own screaming children.

I have also noticed this McDonaldization is when we register for classes. We no longer need to go to the registrar (Unless you have remedial courses) to register for our classes. We do it online which will save the college money in employing people to be behind the registrar’s desks. It’s simple and it’s efficient for the college because everything is online, it already knows the student due to the fact that we must put our N number in the system and in two seconds everything is done. I’m sure all colleges have this feature. No longer needing to go to a person to register, now cuts out how many people the college needs to employ to register students.

There are so many more places that have this McDonaldization such as food buffets, where the customer gets their food from a centralized location. ATM are also another example providing electronic service to individual’s bank accounts 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Bank of America even has a deposit system where you can deposit your checks and/or cash into their ATM.
It’s starting to pop up everywhere and has been an ever-growing trend in the United States especially due to the fact that since the consumer themselves finds it more convenient. There would be an argument that people would want things done for them but I believe that since the expanding β€œMe” generation has been booming, people will actually want to do things themselves because they simply don’t want the human interaction. That’s a scary thought that people will want to start doing things for themselves because they don’t want others doing it for them or they don’t want to talk to anyone. Just goes to show how although we as a society are being socialized a certain way, the individual can bank on not having to socialize at all.

Thoughts Β© Maria Campagna

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