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Getting Back On Your Feet

One of the most frustrating things is getting to a point in your life where you feel so good just to be picked up off of your cloud. We all have days like these and sometimes they leave us feeling in a much worse spot than we had intended. Days can pass by and even weeks where we feel the weight of the past looming over us. The issue with this negativity is that it can bring down not one, not two but eventually all aspects of our lives.

So what are we to do when we find ourselves in a rut?

1. You are human.
We all make mistakes. It’s just how the world works. There have been plenty of great minds that have openly admitted to making hundreds if not thousands of mistakes before getting to their great Aha! moment. Even after that moment there are times where we will, yet again, find ourselves in a sad spot. This is just the ebb and flow of life. For some, life is good 98 percent of the time and bad only 2 percent of the time. For the majority of these people it’s because they know how to let go and bounce back.

2. Step away from the situation!
Okay, so you’re beating yourself up because you know that you have messed up. Your life seems like it’s in shambles and you keep saying “What if…?” Take a step back. What can you learn from this? How has this helped you? (Notice I used the word help because it will help you!) How can you prevent this from happening again? By taking a step back and re-evaluating there is a strong possibility that you may not have messed up as bad as you think. There may be a simple way out or maybe there needs to be a few steps to take to get you back. If this is not a high priority situation in your life, drop it. It’s not worth the burden of carrying something that may not matter a few years from now.

3. Gain insight and speak to people!
One of the most frustrating and upsetting things is feeling like we don’t belong. Like what we have done has never ever been a fault of someone else. I’m sure that most would be surprised that we have much more in common with our fellow neighbors than we think. Now, it may not be that they made the same mistakes or have been in the same situation but they could have been some place similar. Even if they haven’t it’s good to get some advice from family and friends to help pull you through this rough patch.

4. You will get through this
Finally, know that you will get through this. Yeah, yeah you’ve made a horrible mistake but guess what? Tomorrow will come, and the next day will come and each day will be much brighter than the past. You will be fine and you will get through this. Keep your head up and walk tall. There’s no better time to learn from this than now and it’s best to do it with a positive outlook.

So there you have it, it’s possible to get out of that nasty place and into the sunshine yet again. And hey, if anyone needs some help you are always more than welcome to send me an e-mail or message. We’ll talk it out and pull you back from the depths of the darkness!

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We Control The Universe

Now it must sound like quite an egotistical way to simply state that “We control the universe” but at the core of it, we do. It may seem to many that our lives are constantly governed by others from our bosses telling us to do something to our spouses getting angry that we haven’t done something the correct way. We are generally taught that the world is not our own and we must do as we are told in order to get anywhere in life. Being told to act a certain way, respond a certain way and think a certain way are all things that we are spoon-fed since day one. The concept of the ability to “control the universe” is one that starts from the center of your world. This center is always you. Think about it for a moment, if you look around things are always in front of you, always behind you, always above and below you. From another object or person, they are the center of their universe. So after we’ve established that you are indeed that center point of the universe, how do we control the situations that are given to us? Surely we cannot control whether we get the promotion or not or if tomorrow the sun will shine, right? Our abilities do not span outside of ourselves and whatever situations arise we cannot simply wave a magic wand and make it disappear (or appear for that matter) What we do have is the ability to think, react, feel. Let’s say for instance you do not get that promotion, will you let that bring you down? Will you let that promotion haunt you and consume your life? Or, will you take control of it yourself? What are some things that we allow to consume our universes?

  1. Relationships. Having stressed relationships with those around us. Whether it be family, friends, significant others or even strangers we can find ourselves in situations where we consume our lives with others instead of ourselves. (There is a difference here between being selfish and self-caring)
  2. Work. So our bosses pile up the paperwork or get angry at us for making that little mistake that really would not have made a significant difference in the company whatsoever. We become burnt-out and stressed from even thinking about work the next day.
  3. School. Whether you are in college, high school or pursuing any other type of education getting your work done on time and in the way that the professor or teacher wants it is daunting. Either you strive too hard to get straight A’s and can’t let a B blemish your record or you simply have too much to juggle.
  4. Materialism and self-image. You see beautiful people all day and when you go to look in the mirror you suddenly notice things you dislike about yourself. You become insecure and cannot seem to keep a positive attitude toward yourself or you begin to cherish and obsess over objects rather than loving yourself or others.
Of course there are many more attributes that may encroach on our lives and begin to dissolve any sense of self we have left. So what are we to do about it? How can we make sure that our universes don’t collapse and become overrun by another?

  1. Love yourself. The most important thing you can do is to treat yourself with the love and respect you deserve. Understand that it takes a team of makeup artists and a ton of airbrushing to make those models look perfect. We all have our flaws of course but if we have flaws we must logically have beautiful aspects as well. Look for them, not the flaws.
  2. Treat your body right. Make sure you eat well, drink plenty of water and exercise. I’m sure you’ve all heard that before but it truly is a great way to boost endorphins and create a positive mood. Exercise does not have to be going to the gym! Simply going out for a walk, swimming, hiking, biking are all great ways to get your blood pumping.
  3. De-stress at work. So your boss is a pain in the butt? Take a deep breath, understand their concerns and move on. The next time some project comes along be aware of what your boss has said beforehand so you won’t stress about it next time. Really having a tough time at work? Change it. Maybe it’s time for you to begin on a new career horizon. Don’t go quitting the job just yet but prepare yourself for a career change. Go take some classes at a college nearby or online to jump-start yourself onto a new path.
  4. School. Organize your time into blocks and have it set out for yourself where you can see it. Have reminders to work on that essay a little each day instead of cramming it the day before it’s due. Not a class you enjoy? If it’s something you must take for your requirements try and figure out a way to make it fun. Maybe you need Biology but you are much more interested in Art. Draw your notes! See if you can find fun ways to illustrate what your text is trying to teach you. Not great at Math? Make use of others in class who are good at math. Pick their brain a bit and learn some of their techniques. It may surprise you.


  1. If you are in a stressful relationship with a Boyfriend or Girlfriend then maybe it’s time to re-evaluate what you would like at the moment. It could be time for a break or something a little more permanent. Friend relationships can be evaluated this way as well. Remember to always voice your concerns before ending something, it could just be lack of good communication between both sides.
  2. For family relationships communication is key as well. If it’s one of those situations that you cannot seem to help by communicating maybe it’s time to realize that certain people are just going to be the way that they are. This does not mean that you must act in a negative manner but just to remove yourself from the situation and begin focusing on yourself.
Remember, we are all in control of how we act, think, speak, listen, love and treat one another. Just because another is treating us bad does not mean that we should treat them bad. Respect those around you, show compassion toward strangers and you will be surprised as to how many positive responses you will get.
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Blog #2: Getting Back On Track!

So lately I’ve been a bit frazzled and out of place by not having such a clear mind.  I have lost touch with myself and I think it’s about time that I finally reconnect. Have you ever had a period of time where your mind just doesn’t seem to be working? It’s as if a haze seeps into your head and you really just can’t find your way. Yeah, this is pretty much how I’m feeling.

I go through life in such a fast-paced way that I just barely notice anything. My mind races with thoughts and I can’t seem to slow them down. When I was meditating daily I noticed a significant change in this. I was thinking more clearly and I was able to pay attention to more things in life. I feel that I had gotten thrown off the meditation wagon for a while to help me realize it’s benefits. It really does help with coordination and being able to be more in the moment. Buddha really had something going on there.

It’s fantastic to see how much meditation really does help the brain. I had done a study about meditation and the human brain and the findings were simply fantastic. It has the ability to repair neural pathways, cure things like ADD, depression, anxiety and the like. It also has the ability to make the synchronization between both hemispheres much more equal and it allows for the whole brain to be used during day to day activities, not just spots. This will allow for a more even distribution of thoughts when trying to figure out a problem. Instead of looking at the problem from just a few points you will be able to see it from many more points.

It’s important to note that this really has helped cure even the most horrid of problems, cancer. There has been extensive research that meditation can cure cancer. By changing the way the brain thinks, it can change the way the cell thinks. What a fantastic thing! Our cells respond to everything we do. Every positive or negative thought, every positive or negative person in our life, every healthy or unhealthy thing we do (Whether it’s eating or working-out;Or the lack of the two)

So people, we must listen to our bodies! We are made up of so many complex structures and so many things that we just won’t understand. The most important thing that we can do is to treat our bodies in the best way possible.

Healing comes from within!

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Don’t Call Me Crazy!

Review of “On Being Sane In Insane Places” by David L. Rosenhan

Say you are a “mentally ill” patient. You are there for whatever reason whether it be you, that goes in yourself, or possibly court mandated or just a suggestion by a doctor. As you walk into the hospital you are immediately evaluated, possibly given certain clothing to wear to distinguish you as a patient and given a pretty basic room. The doctors will treat you as if you are an experiment or just another crazy person. They will poke and prod at your problems and try to “assess” you. What I mean by “assess” is they try to figure out what is wrong with you. The whole time you are there you are constantly told that there is something wrong with you and that you don’t function as a normal person in society, hence why you are here in the first place. Isn’t this enough to make you go insane just from being there?

Labeling theory can work against the person or group you are observing due to the fact that it does exactly what it says, labels you. Much like in society if you are labeled as a genius, you feel like a genius and probably will tend to do better in school due to the fact that people see you as such. This is not true of all cases, but most you will see that the person being labeled will program themselves to think so.

Especially in a mental health setting, if you begin to label your patients a schizophrenic won’t they begin to really think they are? Possibly bringing out these behaviors due to the fact that they now are programmed to think as such?

Especially in this article when they did the experiment and asked the staff at the mental institution who were psuedopatients and who were not they answered that 41 patients out of 193 were in fact psuedopatients and the kicker was the fact that there were actually no psuedopatients in that particular facility. It makes you think whether or not all of these people in institutions should really be there.

I agree with the fact that certain people are clearly mentally disturbed but the majority of the population is not. There is so much diversity among us that it will create differences in emotions, how we act, and more importantly how we perceive the world. Which is another important note to mention, just because we perceive someone a certain way does not mean that they are abnormal, it could just simply be due to the fact that they are different than us.

In order to properly diagnose and treat people based on what they really are having a tough time with there should most certainly be some guidelines to follow. First and foremost, do not make the patient seem like they are abnormal. They must feel comfortable with themselves and you in order for the doctor or psychologist to really get to know the person. If someone feels threatened or uncomfortable with the fact that you think they are indeed crazy, chances are they won’t open up to you.

Second, the environment must be completely non-threatening. The patient should feel sort of like they’re at home or in a friends house. Comfy chairs, nice paintings on the wall and possibly some soft music.

Third, they must know that there is nothing wrong with them coming to get help or even if they are there against their means they must understand that a psychologist or even a mental health facility does not mean that they are crazy. Explain to them that just because there is a label on mental clinics and hospitals as being for people that are “insane” is just a labeling by society. With that, you can even explain to them the labeling theory and start off with an educational and interesting conversation.

Thoughts © Maria Campagna

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To Be A Sociologist

Article Review Of “Invitation To Sociology” By Peter L. Berger

Sociological “de-bunking” requires a person (the sociologist themselves) to actually want to question society. They want to be able to uncover something that simply may seem “Too good to be true” It’s the ability to question that allows us to uncover much more than we think. By being able to think deeper into something we toss aside any naivete thoughts of “This is just the way it is”

By being much more in-tune with things and to be able to say to oneself that something just isn’t right here, is a way to delve deeper. We must be able to uncover information that could be guarded by higher positions in society. Why would they want to cover it up? To keep those who are naïve, to stay naïve.

Most people would respond to sociological insights as untrue and if your talking to someone who holds a high position in society this can and will most likely be the case. The upperclassmen, including big businesses and the like would respond to it as “No, everything is fine! Everything is going so well” Obviously to protect themselves.

I had just recently watched a show where an ex-NFL player was delving deeper into the relations between concussions in NFL (And other contact sports) and how they effected them long term. He gathered together the brains of deceased players and decided to have them studied in a lab. 8 out of 8 brains showed long term damage. Many of the symptoms that corresponded with players and concussions were manic depression, early onset of Alzheimers and short-term memory loss to name a few. While all of the scientific data was there and all of the evidence was there the NFL’s head medical examiner sat there and stated “No, there is no long-term effect of concussions and NFL players and it’s fine to send them right back on the field after a concussion”

This validly proves the point that once faced with sociological insight of why things were happening that a big organization will hide and deny the fact. However, since the ex-player had actually done something about it and brought it to court they had gotten the head doctor set up for resignation and a new set of rules are now in play.

In the lower rungs of society, if faced with sociological insight, you will most likely get the same reaction as “No, that can’t be true” If there is no solid evidence there to support it, then it cannot be true at all. Many are afraid to go against those who are larger than them, which is understandable, but it can be the only way to ever get anything done. Even those who are faced with evidence still will show signs of disbelief. This is due to pride and not wanting to be wrong.

Are we just set in our ways due to the fact that we are afraid of being wrong or torn down by a higher person? It is a scary thing to think that we can in fact be wrong or we can in fact get thrown down by someone higher than us. This is part of the way to get more information, to delve deeper into a topic and to “de-bunk” our theories.

Thoughts © Maria Campagna 2011

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