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“But My Job Sucks!” Change Your Job Or Change Your Perspective

Sometimes, things that you read can get to you and sort of make you thankful for the things you have been given in the first place. I know that many of my jobs were actually well-paying. The bosses weren’t all that bad and the environment was actually relatively friendly. At the time however, I didn’t really take notice to these things and, as any teenager, I complained about having to go to work.

Now, I see how hard it is for some people to even get jobs paying $10.00 an hour. Most are paying less than minimum wage and in obviously horrible working-conditions. The bosses make you feel less-than important and as if it’s a burden to even have hired you in the first place. It’s as if they have no sense of human feelings in the first place.

It’s no wonder why most people living in such conditions never really get out of the place that they are. For one, the pay will not allow them to move up and grow in society. They simply cannot save money and working paycheck to paycheck is the norm. If they have children it’s even more of a stressful position because they not only have to worry about themselves but now they have to worry about their children. Maybe they have to figure out someway to feed the kids and pay for daycare due to the fact that the family has abandoned them or they just don’t know who their families are in the first place.

Secondly, the bosses probably make them feel like even more low-lives than they are. Picking, prodding and nagging at the slightest thing they do wrong. Instead of kindly or at least in a more controlled manner, “Excuse me, maybe next time you could do A, B and C like this” Screaming or demeaning is inevitable. Maybe the bosses themselves are going through a tough time but that gives no reason to treat someone in such a manner.

Maybe, if people would understand that they’re all in this thing together they would realize that they could do something about it. By the bosses being nicer, the staff will probably feel more at ease and bring a bit of a more calm and happy atmosphere to the customers. It’s all psychological. If someone has a pleasant attitude it will most likely, but not always, rub off on the other person. It would make for a much more pleasant experience for the server and the customer alike. If they happen to get an order wrong it’s up to the customer to be nice and respond “Hey, I ordered this with no cheese. I’d like to have a burger with no cheese please” Instead, most just yell and get angry as if the waitress/waiter was not paying attention to them personally.

People must realize that it’s horribly difficult for someone to create such in-depth personalized attention to fifty people at once while running around delivering food to different tables and cleaning up. It’s as if we were to present the customer with twenty different waitresses and tell them to memorize their names and a part of their lives in ten minutes. It’s difficult.

This behavior however creates a negative image of the waitress/waiter themselves into believing that they are not worth any more than the dump they are currently working in. It pretty much labels them in essence. They are led to the belief that their situation will never change and that their lives just consist of getting yelled at constantly and going home to an even more stressful environment. For them, the cycle never ends.

Although things like this enrage me, the ignorance of most people, it’s a bit difficult to change the situation. Unfortunately, most of these problems are out of my reach due to the fact that each individual may not want to change. If people would like to get help to understand how to be nicer and a much better person to the world, I would gladly be of assistance.

Thoughts © Maria Campagna

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