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We Need Individuality!

The theory I’m starting to form from understanding all of this is that we may all come from the same source but we still are not one MIND. Our minds are not ONE. Reason? Humans need different MINDS in order to exist. A carpenter needs a person to know how to do electrical work and a person to know how to do plumbing in order to build a house correct? It IS highly possible that one person MAY know all of these things (Referred to as a “Jack of All Trades”) But for most of us…We have our special talents that we bring to the world and we simply can’t seem to understand the others. Could we try to understand the others? Of course…Do we have the ability to do these things if we would like to? YES! But overall, society needs different MINDS to operate and to GROW.

Our abilities to be able to think beyond are beneficial to human society so we can begin to think outside the realm of possibility and develop new ideas and essentially develop our minds. What we are doing by Astral Projection and Meditation and such is utilizing different brain waves that others don’t normally do on a daily basis.

Don’t you think that this long line of Astral Projection and Meditation and such is evolution in and of itself? We are creating these realities for ourselves and developing them and actively practicing them and it is changing the structure of our brains. It is PROVEN that meditation alters brain structure and forms new synapses and allows for us to utilize more of our brains when making decisions. It takes MILLIONS of years to see real evolution and our pineal glands are one of the things I would like to point out.

I would LOVE to have been able to study the brains of our past ancestors because I believe that would help hold the key to really whatever is going on. It is highly possible that their pineal glands were much LARGER than ours, or even on the other spectrum much smaller. We are losing our abilities to use our Pineal Glands through the foods we eat, the environment and just not utilizing it in the best way possible. Some, however, ARE! Some are practicing eating correctly and watching out for these harmful products we are putting in our bodies and spreading it to the NEXT generation.

The energies are there…Astral Projection is there…Meditation is there…What we are doing in the NOW is developing these senses. Just like you and I just ARE and this world just IS…

Thoughts © Maria Campagna

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