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Why Should You Create A Daily Log?

Well since we all want to know more about the world, the first place that we should start with is ourselves. By creating a daily log for ourselves we can gain a lot of insight into who we are, how we act during certain times and what emotions or physical ailments trigger what. By taking some time out each day to fill out some information on ourselves we can begin to paint a picture of our true being.

Whenever I do my logs I like to include the current moon phase. There are numerous amounts of people who have linked certain moods of theirs to certain phases of the moon. I’m sure we’ve all heard “Well there’s tons of crazy drivers out on the road so it must be a full moon!” Nature has cycles and so do we and by taking the time to understand them we begin to understand ourselves.

Remember, you are going to want to make sure that you log at least for two weeks in order to begin to see a pattern. If you don’t see one after two weeks then I urge you to continue with your writing and log for at least two months. Doing this throughout the year can really boost your inner-knowledge and is a great tool to starting a self-help routine.

For a quick guide and links to printable and online versions of my logs please visit the following link.

How To: Create A Daily Log

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