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Terrorism & Words

The whole fact of the matter is if your Muslim and commit and act that is linked to plotting against someone or a group of someones in a violent way, you are a terrorist. Take the Muslim label off, and you just might be considered insane instead.

After 911 happened all bets were off for Muslims and anyone that even looked remotely like a Muslim. Constantly criticized and ridiculed as if the whole Muslim community were terrorists no matter what they said. Of course, this is more likely the ignorant labeling of American society which leads most to believe that they are all out to get us.

The fact that a white man can crash a plane into a building and simply be called “insane” is crazy in and of itself. It is indeed an act of terrorism no matter what your age, race or other social label is. According to Wikipedia, ‘terrorism in the most general sense, the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion’

I believe that America should pretty much have their own dictionary for how they define things. We tend to sugar-coat things so we, as Americans, don’t look bad. The definition of terrorism according to Americans (And I’m not saying ALL Americans think this way but for the sake of the mass-media we’ll just use the term Americans) Terrorism, in the most general sense, the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion by someone in the Middle East. Honestly, this is the truth.

Americans can’t look bad! We can’t look like we’re breeding terrorists ourselves so we’ll just call them crazy. If we did, we’d be considered hypocrites and oh no, that’s not what us as Americans are. We have the most upstanding and fantastic citizens in the world. No one comes close to us! Maybe our citizens may be mentally ill but no, they will never be terrorists. The horror!

The bombing that just happened in Times Square was set up by, in fact, a Pakistani man. Of course this is going to be considered an act of terrorism. However, what if this man had been a white 45 year old man who just wanted to bomb Times Square because he was angry or upset about some company that was located there? He’d just be insane. There would be obvious suspicion that he was indeed linked to a terrorist but once the Middle-East is out-ruled, he’s just crazy.

It honestly is enough to make someone scared of Muslims because of the way the media portrays it. The articles posted on this Pakistani man were all geared towards instilling fear upon whoever read it. Whereas articles on Andrew Joseph Stack continuously ruled out any act of terrorism. Maybe these journalists should have gotten a better dictionary.

Thoughts © Maria Campagna

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