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I Love You All!


The Ripple Effect of ‘Green’ Living

Earth Day Beach Day w/ UncleWeed

Image by kk+ via Flickr

By doing one small thing per day and by showing others that you care about the earth it can certainly create a ripple effect. We need to show the earth that we care and that we want to have a more harmonious life with, not only one another, but with OURSELVES! We are all in this together. Let’s start to show ourselves some respect by treating our living space, our bodies and our close relationships with love and respect!

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RiaRoseKnows Occupies Wall Street

The corner of Wall Street and Broadway, showin...

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Here’s the basic jist that I got from Wall Street. I will definitely be coming up with more videos on this topic as it is something that has extremely intrigued me. I have some great ideas for this movement so stay tuned to my channel 🙂

Please give me some feedback and let me know what YOU think of Occupy Wall Street. What have you been hearing from the media? How do you think we can make this revolution into something much more tangible?

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